Extremist fighters reject  "opposition coalition" and "interim goverment"
Extremist fighters reject "opposition coalition" and "interim goverment"
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Thirteen groups of Islamic militants fighting in Syria announced through a statement posted on the Internet  that it doesn’t  recognize any opposition groups  abroad, including "opposition coalition" and "interim government".

These groups and factions icluded, according to the so-called statement: " Nusra Front - Freedom Sham Islamic Movement -  Twheed brigade – Islam brigade – Sokor Sham brigades -  Fajer Sham Islamic movement - Noor Islam movement - Nur al-Din al-Zanki brigades - Fastqm gathers – Nineteenth battalion  - Ansar brigade. "

These factions indicated in the statement that they want to unite all the civil and military fronts in an Islamic framework  that makes Shari'a is the only source of legislation and to weigh  interests of the nation over interest of the group.

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