" UNICEF " :  Syrian children working refugees are increasing
" UNICEF " : Syrian children working refugees are increasing
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United Nations Children 's Fund " UNICEF "  said that Syrian refugees in Lebanon relies increasingly on child labor to earn money for families struggling to manage their basic needs.

Director of UNICEF in the Middle East and North Africa Maria Calivis pointed that Lebanon does not allow aid organizations to establish formal refugee camps , in order not to make the refugee crisis more pronounced in its territory, and because of concerns of  repeating their experience with Palestinian refugee camps.

Calivis said: " We can't set up a permanent tents . Every night we unzip the tent and then installed it every morning. We do this 365 days a year , we pitch and dismantle tents for about 300 thousand students refugee"

Maria confirmed that  only the quarter refugees joined public schools from nearly 400 thousand children registered refugees, so relief organizations should fill the gap . Many of those live in informal camps without the presence of permanent classrooms .

Calivis clarified that many women and children are working on farms. And UNICEF believes that Syrian children may also work in the factories , but are still investigating it. She said the children work as vendors selling food or cell – children toys  or flowers has become a familiar sight in Beirut. They said they usually earn between 2.5 and five dollars a day.

Maria confirmed that the organization and its partners are trying to raise awareness among families regarding their risk of  being exploited and abused , while UNICEF negotiates with business owners to exempt children from working in afternoon  in order to continue their studies.

The United Nations says that more than two million people had registered for the refugees ' High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) , but it's believed that the actual number is much bigger than this . There are more than four million people displaced inside Syrian governments. The estimated number of Syrian destroyed schools is about three thousand schools.

Education and public health  are a top priority for UNICEF now . UNICEF had provided  half the funding for projects in these two sectors for the current year . And  80 million dollars are needed  before the end of 2013 .

Calivis expressed Syrian parents interest to teach their children , during her visit to many places inside Syria , she said she saw parents holding their children hands and going  to nearby schools in spite of war circumstances.

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