President al-Assad : Syrian chemical weapons in safe
President al-Assad : Syrian chemical weapons in safe
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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with Chinese state television that the chemical weapons  are stored under special conditions so there isn't any reasons to worry about, because Syrian chemical weapons are locked in a safe place and under the control of Syrian army . "

President Assad explained that it is normal to have large quantities of chemical weapons  in Syria  because we are in war and have occupied territories since more than forty years , and President Assad noted that Syrian army is qualified to fight using conventional weapons, so the delivery of weapons will not affect his strength and abilities.

Assad predicted that  armed militants will hinder chemical weapons' inspectors from reach certain sites, saying, " We know that these terrorists obey the orders of other countries , and these countries finance these terrorists to commit acts making the Syrian government responsible for obstructing this agreement."

The president added that the three countries that presented the project United States , Britain and France  are just trying to make themselves victorious in the war against their unreal enemy Syria, pointing out that China and Russia are playing a positive role in UN Security Council to ensure not fabricating any pretext for military action against Syria "

He added: " We will respect everything we agreed to do ," and there is no reason to worry about other countries' charges of not handing over Syria's chemical weapons , Syria since its independence committed to all its signed treaties.

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