Syrian latest in- field developments
Syrian latest in- field developments
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Russian diplomatic sources reported that two employees of the Russian Embassy in Damascus were injured by an insurgent mortar shell  .
 Another mortar shell hit a car parked on King Street in Al-mzraa area, wounding one person.
The Syrian army destroyed a 38-meter-long tunnel used by free militia in Jubaila neighborhood in Deir ez-Zor , and destroyed several cars used by the opposition gunmen near Nasrallah – Al bab road in Aleppo.

The Syrian Arab Army had targeted  free militia rocket launchers in Aljdyde , Kwaess , Rsm Aboud.

Syrian Arab army blew up a bombed car with its Suicide driver before reaching its target near Industrial Zone in Nabek.

 Our correspondent in Homs reported that security forces today seized large quantities of "CNN Four" material and narcotic pills "Kptakon" and night binoculars, and defensive grenades and large quantities of ammunition , all were placed in secret hideouts inside the a Suzuki car before it enters Homs.

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