Arresting warrant out for sheikh suspected in Lebanon bombings
Arresting warrant out for sheikh suspected in Lebanon bombings

An arrest warrant was issued today for Sheikh "Omar Atrash" over his alleged involvement in several car bombings as well as attacks targeting the Lebanese Army.

Investigative Judge Nabil Wehbe served Sunni preacher Sheikh Omar Atrash a warrant for arrest on charges of recruiting individuals to join armed terrorist groups, detonating bombs and explosive-rigged vehicles as well as buying weapons and rockets from Syria and moving them to Lebanon.

The Lebanese Army said Atrash admitted during interrogation with Military Intelligence to having ties to Al-Qaeda-linked groups and that he transported suicide bombers into Lebanon.

A judicial source told The Daily Star that Wehbe postponed Atrash’s interrogation scheduled for Tuesday after his attorney, Tarek Shidob, requested the annulment of statements elicited from the suspect, arguing they were made under torture.

No date has been set for the next questioning session.

Shindob also filed a motion with the military court to have Atrash transferred from his current detention facility at the Defense Ministry.


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