Italy slams international community failure in getting aid into Syria
Italy slams international community failure in getting aid into Syria
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Italian Foreign Minister "Emma Bonino" said today that the international community had "largely failed" in getting humanitarian aid to Syria, despite having the necessary medicines, food and transport ready.

"Things are not moving forward. On the contrary we must admit that the international community has largely failed in ensuring access to the necessary humanitarian aid", Bonino said during a meeting with the UN Under-Secretary General for humanitarian affairs Valerie Amos.

Bonino said "practically everything is ready to be taken into Syria to alleviate suffering", but diplomacy and negotiations had failed to ensure access.

She added "the question is not whether we have enough medicine, food, transport, means of distribution. All this is ready, so the shame falls on us".

Her comments came after 10 days of inconclusive Geneva peace talks between the Syrian government and opposition delegations, which failed to reach an accord on granting greater humanitarian access, particularly in besieged areas like the Old City of Homs.

Western nations are now planning a UN Security Council resolution on the issue, which could be ready this week.

Bonino said "extensive human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian laws are making the Syrian crisis the worst humanitarian tragedy of our times in terms of number of civilians involved".

Despite not being on the agenda at the Geneva talks, aid has entered Palestinian refugee camp Yarmuk on the outskirts of Damascus.

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