Third five-day anti-polio campaign for children under 5 launched
Third five-day anti-polio campaign for children under 5 launched
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The third national anti-polio vaccination campaign was launched today , the Ministry of Health said.

The five-day campaign targeting children under five continues, being the second among the six scheduled campaigns planed by the Ministry with a month interval between each after discovering a number of polio cases in the country.

Minister of Health "Saad al-Nayef" said in a statement during a field visit to Abu Ther al-Ghafari Medical Center in Damascus that the campaign was launched in all the provinces through mobile clinics and medical centers.

The Minister clarified that no new polio cases have been discovered, pointing out that there are 17 cases around the country, 15 in al-Mayadeen in Deir-Ezzor, a case in Aleppo and another in Damascus Countryside.

Al-Nayef said "this is a positive indicator that reflects the success of the campaign and the possibility of getting rid of polio all over again".

For her part, Elizabeth Hoff, the World Health Organization's (WHO) representative in Damascus told journalists that former vaccination campaigns brought very good outcomes, stressing that the Ministry is exerting great efforts, as they gain support of the local community, the international organizations and Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

Hoff considered that the participation of the NGO's in the campaigns will contribute to guaranteeing the reach of vaccines to all areas, reaffirming that the vaccines are safe and they imported from the best international companies.

The former campaign, finished on 16th of December, 2013, reached 2.2 million children.

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