Syria toll rises to 136,000
Syria toll rises to 136,000
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More than 136,000 people have been killed since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in March 2011, with January one of the bloodiest months on record, an NGO said today.

The opposition observatory , a monitoring group based in Britain, said the toll was now at least 136,227 people killed.

Among those are 47,998 civilians, including more than 7,300 children, the group said.

Observatory director "Rami Abdel Rahman" said in a statement that "January was among the bloodiest months since the beginning of the conflict", noting that "we in the Syrian Observatory will continue to call on all actors on the international stage to do their humanitarian and moral duty to press for the Syrian file to be referred to the International Criminal Court" .

The group said it sought "the trial of the murderers of the Syrian people, and those who have collaborated with them".

The Observatory's last toll, at the end of December, stood at 130,433, but fierce fighting between opposition militants and the Syrian army, as well as between militants and jihadists, has claimed nearly 6,000 lives since then.

The group said at least 31,629 opposition militants, including more than 8,000 jihadists, had been killed since the start of the conflict.

The group said the real toll could be much higher than recorded so far, citing "extreme secrecy" by militants, jihadists and Syrian army about the number of their dead.

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