Syrian PM checks-up Barzeh neighborhood
Syrian PM checks-up Barzeh neighborhood
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Syrian Prime Minister "Wael al-Halqi" inspected Thursday morning rehabilitation and repair operations of the damaged infrastructure, due to terrorism of terrorist groups, in Barzeh neighborhood in Damascus countryside.

Al-Halqi listened to the locals of the neighborhood who talked about their requirements of infrastructure, service, health and food needs to facilitate the return of the displaced families.

In a statement to reporters, al-Halqi pointed out to the commitment of the maintenance workshops which are working around the clock to speed up the accomplishment of basic services, particularly electricity, telecommunications, water and sanitation , in addition to opening centers for selling food stuff, hailing the efforts exerted to achieve national reconciliation in Barzeh neighborhood and the return of thousands of citizens during the past few days.

He noted that the national reconciliation is accelerated in Damascus and its countryside and all Syrian provinces being a safe way to beef up the national unity of the Syrians, noting that the national reconciliation in line with the achievements of the army and the victories of the Syrian diplomacy at the international forums and the government’s efforts to enhance the capacities of the national economy will lead to the grand victory.

He expressed hope that Geneva-2 conference will reach international consensus on combating terrorism and stopping the supply of the armed terrorist groups with weapons and money  to give the Syrian people the opportunity to achieve security and stability.

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