Al-Shibl: Syrian Government delegation open to all proposals
Al-Shibl: Syrian Government delegation open to all proposals
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Member of Syrian Government delectation to Geneva-2 conference "Luna al-Shibl" said that the delegation is open to all proposals presented during the conference and ready to discuss them, while the opposition delegation rejects what is being presented to it.

Al-Shibl told journalists in a statement that the official delegation didn't wait for the U.N Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi to find common grounds, but it took the initiative many times to submit work papers, principles or even ideas to found a common ground.

She said that today's morning session was a work session, not a consultative one, adding that there were many attempts by the coalition delegation to propose a group of ideas to which the Syrian official delegation has directly responded, affirming that the delegation also responded to what the other delegation submitted on Tuesday regarding Geneva-1 communiqué.

Al-Shibl affirmed that Brahimi read some points during the session according to his viewpoint of the 9th item of Geneva-1 communiqué, but it was not discussed, adding that tomorrow's session will be dedicated to discuss the halt of terrorism and violence. 

She made it clear that the opposition delegation insists on starting dialogue about selected items of Geneva 1 communiqué, not through sequence, but the Syrian Government delegation was determined to discuss the communiqué an item after an item sequentially starting from the first item and ending with the last one.

On U.S Ambassador Robert Ford's interference in the process of discussions and his meetings with the opposition delegation, al-Shibl underlined that "Syria doesn't allow any country to interfere in its affairs, wondering about how could Ford do all of that although the Syrian Republic has told him that he is persona non grata since two years, inquiring "did he become a high commissioner to allow himself to send a letter to the Syrian people".

She underlined that Syria's official delegation came to Geneva with national experiences and is carrying the loyalty of the blood of the martyrs and the recommendations of their mothers.

Al-Shibl said that the humanitarian relief issue has no relation to Geneva conference, but the Syrian government is doing the respond plan agreed upon with the U.N, adding that the government has informed the UN that it is ready to get women and children out of old Homs, but the U.N is waiting for the response of the gunmen.

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