Brahimi: Negotiations in Geneva are not easy
Brahimi: Negotiations in Geneva are not easy
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UN Envoy to Syria "Lakhdar Brahimi" underlined that the negotiations being held in Geneva between the two delegations of Syrian government and / opposition/ are not easy and they wouldn’t be during the coming days or in future, expressing satisfaction that the two sides showed willingness to continue negotiations according to the timetable until Friday.

Brahimi told journalists at a press conference that no side would leave the negotiations too early, and that he suggested for both sides not to meet today afternoon to get ready for a best session tomorrow morning, and they have agreed.

He said that the opposition delegation had presented its viewpoint on the way to implement Geneva 1 communique, but “the Syrian government delegation didn’t yet”… and “we have discussed many issues" during which no violation happened, but we are determined to this mission and this is good.”

On the US congress voting on arming "the Syrian opposition" , Brahimi said "we read these news in the newspapers", but there were not an official statement by the US government… and the Syrian official delegation has talked about it in details and strongly objected this news if it was correct, adding that this matter contradicts with what is going on here by a state which is one of two states offer the initiative for this conference.

As for the reasons behind canceling the evening session and the points submitted by "the opposition" delegation, Brahimi said that it was him who decided to cancel the session without any pressures of any side, adding that the opposition paper was not distributed and they have just talked about it, preferring not to speak about its articles.

On the role of Russia and the US in the discussions, Brahimi said the two countries are working together in the framework of the tripartite meetings among the UN, Russia and the US, adding that they are serious to have this track succeed.

Concerning Iran and the necessity for its attendance in the conference, Brahimi affirmed that he was insisting that Iran's  presence was always good and believes that they seek to talk and cooperate with it in the future to let it assume its role and responsibilities as an important state in the region.

He considered that the US seeks to end the war and have the conference succeed, saying that it doesn’t hide its stance regarding the way of solution and we know that there is no complete agreement between the US and Russia.

As for the possibility of the UN security Council’s interference and take a decision to deliver the humanitarian aid to the besieged regions, Brahimi said that discussions are in no need to the UN security council to decide in this issue. 

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