WHO: Hospital damage in Syria roughly 64%, severe drop of medical production due to crisis
WHO: Hospital damage in Syria roughly 64%, severe drop of medical production due to crisis
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The World Health Organization (WHO) called the international community to provide more support to cover the Syrians’ health requirements and confront the big challenges that are facing the health sector in Syria due to the current crisis.

In a statement , the WHO pointed out that the crisis has caused damage to 64% of the hospitals of the country, as 40% of them went out of service.

A shrinking of health sector staffs and a severe drop in medicine production were also noted, the statement said, adding that WHO needs about USD 246 million within the year 2014 to continue providing health services to save the Syrian lives.

The WHO warned of dangers and obstacles that face primary and secondary medical care services and chronic diseases medicines, in addition to care for mothers, children and psychological care, particularly in light of the big numbers of the displaced inside the Syrian territories due to the crisis.

It stressed the importance of taking procedures for combating polio, particularly after the occurrence of some cases inside the country.

WHO Chairman "Margaret Chan" considered that the Organization’s response to the crisis in Syria is one of the biggest and most complicated urgent relief operations, and the most costly throughout its history.

Meanwhile assistant minister of health "Osama Sammaq" said that the Ministry has made an agreement with the WHO to buy 650,000 vaccination doses with a cost between 4-5 million Euros.

He said that the contributions of the international organizations are less than hoped for, adding that there were talks that USD 300 million would be allocated as to help Syria in the health field.


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