Syria army edges forward in Aleppo
Syria army edges forward in Aleppo
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The Syrian army is edging its way towards southeastern Aleppo as it battles militant fighters for control of the northern city.

The Syrian army  have gained some ground in Aleppo in the past few weeks, taking advantage of the fact that militants have turned their guns against jihadist fighters.

The Syrian army made an important advance and seized the Karm al-Qasr district on the southeastern fringes of Aleppo.

The military operation was launched from Nairab military airport east of Aleppo, Syria's second city and pre-crisis commercial hub.

Syrian Al-Watan newspaper said the troops made the advance today and also seized the districts of Ballura and Kasr al-Tarrab.

It too said the operation had been launched from Nairab airport in the east, as well as Aziza village in the south, while adding it had reached the outskirts of Mayssar, an opposition bastion in southeast Aleppo.

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