Syrian Government delegation : U.S stances toward Geneva-2 thwarting the conference
Syrian Government delegation : U.S stances toward Geneva-2 thwarting the conference
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Syrian Presidential Political and Media Advisor "Bouthaina Shaaban" said that the U.S position is contradictory to the efforts exerted by Russia and the international community.

In statements to the press today , Shaaban said "we start with the logical and clear priorities… we came on the basis of the first Geneva communiqué in which the first article stipulates for the cessation of violence, and this means the cessation of terrorism which is the most dangerous thing the Syrian people are subjected to".

Information Minister "Omran al-Zoubi" said that the Syrian official delegation proposed a statement stressing the need for both sides to condemn the US decision to arm terrorist groups which represents backtracking from the political solution by the US.

Al-Zoubi said on Tuesday "how can the US position be supportive and initiative in Geneva-2 and aiming at reaching a political solution when at the same time it supports, creates and backs up terrorism, violence and the military option?"

"When we came to the political solution, we were aware that the US won't stop arming, and that its subordinates in the region including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan won't stop sending weapons and terrorists and establishing training camps for them. Despite that, we are still open to political discussion and have no qualms about discussing any political issue", he said.

The Minister wondered how this "opposition" group which refuses to condemn the support and arming of terrorism can possibly talk to Syrians and address them.

Meanwhile Deputy Foreign Minister "Fayssal al-Mikdad" said that the U.S present to Geneva-2 is thwarting the conference, stressing that the side which provides weapons to terrorist groups doesn't care about the conference's success.

Al-Mikdad said today that "the Syrian Arab Republic delegation is working night and day to ensure the success of the Geneva-2 conference and overcome the obstacles hindering it".

Mikdad described the opposition delegation as irresponsible and lying who have no influence over anyone, stressing that gunmen are holding civilians hostages and waiting for US supplies to reach them so that they can continue murdering innocent Syrians.

He noted that the "opposition rejected the communiqué which the official Syrian delegation yesterday because they reject the unity of Syria's land and people and reject non-interference in Syria's internal affairs, and because this opposition supports terrorism in Syria and supports Israel, which is why they killed that communiqué".

The Deputy Foreign Minister said that the "former U.S Ambassador to Damascus Robert Ford is in Geneva and meeting with the coalition delegation and giving it instructions, adding "If Ford leaves Geneva the coalition delegation will leave too".

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