Interrogation ongoing with Lebanese preacher transported suicide bombers
Interrogation ongoing with Lebanese preacher transported suicide bombers

Lebanese Caretaker Justice Minister "Shakib Qortbawi" said today that the Military Intelligence is continuing its interrogation of a preacher in connection with recent bombing attacks in Lebanon.

Qortbawi told the Voice of Lebanon radio station that "Interrogation with Omar Atrash will continue and if there was no evidence that he was involved in any security act, he will be released".

He stressed that the interrogation, conducted by Lebanese Army Intelligence under the supervision of Military Prosecutor "Saqr Saqr", remained secret.

Qortbawi said "no one but the interrogator and the judge supervising the investigation know what is going on", adding "therefore, everyone must wait for the outcome [of the interrogation] and should stay away from speculation and avoid leaks".

A security source told reporters that "Atrash confessed that he transported suicide bombers and rigged cars linked to the recent attacks" in areas where Hezbollah enjoys wide support.

The preacher also admitted he was involved in twin suicide attacks that targeted two Army checkpoints east and north of the southern city of Sidon last month.

A Lebanese soldier was killed and three others were wounded in the December attacks in Majdalyoun, east of Sidon, and the Awali Bridge at the northern entrance to the city.

Lebanon has witnessed a spate of bombing attacks, mainly targeting areas where Hezbollah enjoys strong support.

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