Brahimi: Syrian government’s paper include most general principles of  Geneva-1 Communique
Brahimi: Syrian government’s paper include most general principles of Geneva-1 Communique
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U.N Envoy to Syria "Lakhdar Brahimi" stressed that the goal of Geneva-2 conference is ending the war in Syria, building new Syria and enabling the Syrian people to meet their legitimate aspirations by  trying to implement Geneva-1 Communiqué.

 At a press conference, Brahimi pointed out that this issue is not easy due to the standing bifurcations and problems.

He added that "we discussed in the morning a paper (political Communique) submitted by the Syrian government that included general principles, most of them are included in Geneva-1 Communique; tomorrow we are going to talk about Geneva (conference)  itself and see if we can start discussions".

Brahimi pointed out that the humanitarian issues which were discussed have not witnessed any progress as the government agreed yesterday to allow women and children out of the old city of Homs, but the means to achieve that are still under discussion as it is not easy due to the presence of snipers and  many problems there.

Brahimi asked the two sides to take into consideration doing something in the humanitarian issues in all areas.

He called on the two delegations not to exaggerate in giving statements to the media outlets and to be responsible and respect the privacy and confidentiality of talks as possible, expressing at the same time happiness that “there seems to be desire to go ahead and continue discussions.”

Answering a question on opposition delegation providing a list of the names of the men who are present in the old city of Homs as to get out of it as a precondition, Brahimi said, "Yes, this is a precondition".

Brahimi added, "In many peace processes, talks started without stopping fighting,” although, “We wish blockade is lifted on all areas, and we call for easing the suffering of the Syrians".

He pointed out that the departure of the people present in the old city of Homs will be voluntary and no one will be forced to leave, adding that the UN, the Red Crescent and the Red Cross are operating in Syria and the humanitarian convoys which are loaded with medical and food materials will enter Homs through the UN, and the Red Cross will know if there are women or children who would like to leave.

Answering a question on the priorities of tomorrow’s discussions, Brahimi said, "tomorrow, we will present Geneva-1 Communique before the two sides although they know it well, and we will decide together how we can proceed in discussing the basic  items of this communique, and one of them is establishing a governing body with full executive authorities, but we will not start with this  item  because it is the most complicated one".

About the least he expects from this conference so far, Brahimi said, "there is still hope; my expectations of this conference is ending the oppressive war on the Syrian people, but I know that will not be achieved today, tomorrow or next week. I hope the two sides think of the Syrian people and try to proceed as much as possible".He refused to answer a question on the opposition’s rejection of the political communique which was presented  by the Syrian official delegation which stressed rejection of any form of foreign intervention.

He pointed out that "the procedures to build confidence are made before the beginning of negotiations, not during them, and that these procedures are supposed to pave the ground for starting and create suitable atmosphere, but unfortunately such measures were not made although we have talked about them and called for them for a long time",  noting that he will continue to call for these procedures and try to make a result of these negotiations.

He said that convening the conference is one small step forwards and that the gains of the conference can proceed or retreat, adding, "we have to continue work, try and hope that the sides will cooperate with us, and we hope that those who have influence will exert their influence to help us go on".

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