Syria planned to evacuate children, women from Homs old city months ago before Geneva-2
Syria planned to evacuate children, women from Homs old city months ago before Geneva-2
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Syrian Minister of Social Affairs "Kinda al-Shammat" said Monday that "the government, since two years ago, set plans and programs to protect the civilians, particularly the women and children".

In a press conference held in Tehran, Shammat added that "we will not wait for the international conference on Syria, Geneva-2, to protect them".

Shammat said that the sides which beheaded persons, abused women, recruited children and committed the most heinous crimes do not have the right to feign keenness on protecting civilians, adding that "the armed terrorist groups are the side which is blockading civilian areas and preventing humanitarian aid delivery".

She called for not politicizing the humanitarian file at the Geneva-2 conference, adding that the Syrian government is exerting all efforts as to protect all civilians and deliver humanitarian aid to all areas but the armed terrorist groups are continuously attacking the humanitarian convoys and using civilians as human shields.

Meanwhile Homs Governor "Talal al-Barazi” said that evacuation of civilians, particularly women, children and elders, from Homs old city is a result of arrangements taken by the Governorate 4 months ago.

During his meeting with a delegation representing the UN Resident Coordinator in Syria on Monday, al-Barazi said that the governorate is waiting for an answer from the U.N representatives as to specify the number of civilians who are willing to exit the area.

The governor said that all willing civilians will be taken to places they want and be provided with all medical and food aid, adding that the Governorate had asked international organizations, including the International committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), to contribute in bringing the civilians out of Homs old city.

He said that evacuating civilians from Homs old city or any other area is a main tendency for the Syrian government, which is trying to evacuate all civilians who want to be evacuated, stressing that there are not obstacles hindering the delivery of humanitarian aid to any area except the attacks of the armed terrorist groups against humanitarian convoys in hot spots.

"The humanitarian aid is reaching all areas without exceptions and in cooperation with the international humanitarian institutions", al-Barazi said, adding that focusing on the old city of Homs by the coalition delegation is unjustified, especially that the Syrian government has set a humanitarian response plan for all the Syrian areas.

He conclude "the Syrian government has implemented 85% of this plan in Homs during the last year".

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