Syrian in France, Hungary  express support to their country
Syrian in France, Hungary express support to their country
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Association of the Syrian community in France expressed support to the Syrian delegation participating in the activities of the Geneva-2 international conference, calling for combating terrorism, stopping the blatant regional and international interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the association reiterated stand by the Syrian leadership, army and people in facing terrorism and realizing security and stability in Syria.

The statement called also for stopping funding and arming the armed terrorist groups which shed the blood of the Syrians and preserving the sovereignty of Syria and independence of its national decision.

In Hungary Members of the Syrian community and members of the Forum for Syria stressed support to the Syrian official delegation taking part in the activities of Geneva-2 conference, expressing support to this wise step for prevent bloodshed and find a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

In a statement, the Syrian community and the Forum for Syria said that any solution issued by the conference should be based on expelling the terrorists outside the homeland and preserving civil peace.

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