Lavrov: Syrian sides should reach compromise on their own
Lavrov: Syrian sides should reach compromise on their own
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Russian Foreign Minister "Sergey Lavrov" stressed that no solution should be imposed on the Syrian sides; rather they should reach compromise on their own.

Russia Today quoted Lavrov saying in an interview that "influence should be exerted on the sides and they should be encouraged to sit at the dialogue table and search for compromises, but it is impossible to impose any sort of solution on the table".

He added, "we encourage the Syrians to reach agreement… that could seem to be naïve, but there is no other way".

Lavrov considered the basic matter for Russia is that the dialogue process concerning the crisis in Syria has started in Geneva, stressing "There is no need to go into the details of the Russian-Syrian relations, and the basic issue for us is that the dialogue process has started".

He noted that Geneva Communique does not stipulate the exit of any one; rather it highlights the necessity of the Syrians coordinating together, based on the communiqué, the standards of the transitional period so that all sides are satisfied.

Lavrov added that Geneva Communique stipulates for preserving the standing institutions of the Syrian society, including the army and security.

"Everyone is saying that just in case the change of the regime was set as a goal, a state of chaos would be waiting for Syria… this could be a tragic development of events, and no one wishes that, so order should be maintained and there are no other ways for that except for the preservation of the state institutions", Lavrov said.

Earlier, Lavrov stressed during all his statements the absence of an alternative to the political diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria and preventing foreign intervention in the Syrian affairs.

He emphasized the necessity of serious work to combat terrorism being a problem that is facing the whole world.

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