Al-Mikdad: US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia want to blow up "Geneva-2"
Al-Mikdad: US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia want to blow up "Geneva-2"
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Deputy Foreign Minister, member of Syria’s official delegation taking part in Geneva conference , "Fayssal al-Mikdad" affirmed that the delegation came to Geneva-2 conference to make it a success upon the directives of President Bashar al-Assad and to exert all possible efforts to stop violence.

Al-Mikdad told journalists in a statement " it is noticeable that the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, which have failed even to bring a tiny part of the so-called “opposition”, want to blow up this conference after they had felt being lost caused by the children they sent for negotiations".

He added that "Syria’s official delegation will remain in Geneva and will exert every possible effort, whether through the UN or through the Russian friends, to start work as soon as possible because we have a principled and strong message from President Bashar al-Assad to make this conference a success and to work for halting bloodshed and foreign intervention.".

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