China calls for avoid imposing foreign political solution to crisis in Syria
China calls for avoid imposing foreign political solution to crisis in Syria
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Chinese Foreign Minister "Wang Yi" said that the international community should avoid imposing any foreign political solution to the crisis in Syria "because that may complicate the issue more", calling all sides in Syria to set a basic framework to shape their peace talks.

"All sides in Syria should reach an agreement regarding principles and the framework of dialogue," stressing that the international community should avoid imposing any political solution from outside the country because that may increase the complexity of the issue," Yi told reporters after attending the Geneva-2 conference on Syria on Wednesday.

He said "an early progress should be achieved on issues where the two sides are not far apart, such as ceasefire, prisoners and detainees exchanging and humanitarian cooperation".

He pointed out that the U.N-led dialogue should keep going forward through tackling the easiest issues first and moving on to more difficult ones later.

"It is not easy for the parties in Syria to sit down at the negotiation table" Yi said, adding that the negotiation will be painstaking, that is why confidence, patience and perseverance are essential".

He added that China will make ceaseless efforts to push the talks forward until a solution acceptable to both parties is found.

"Geneva2 conference should have a clearly defined follow-up mechanism and serve as an open platform that facilitates the participation of all Syrian parties committed to a political settlement", Yi said.

He urged the international community to provide constructive help so the two parties could find a middle way", calling on the United Nations to fully use its role as the main channel of mediation, including suggesting ways to better promote reconciliation.

Yi also met the Syrian official delegation to the international conference on Syria, Geneva-2 on Wednesday.

He stressed that the sole feasible means for the solution in Syria is represented by the political way.

Yi renewed during the inauguration of the international conference on Syria in the Swiss city of Montruex his country's call for a peaceful and political solution for the crisis in Syria that is satisfactory to all sides on the bases of mutual agreement and away from foreign interference, pointing out that there is no military solution for the crisis in Syria.

The Chinese Minister said that the Syrian people want peace and security to prevail again, stressing the importance of preserving Syria's integral unity because its stability is key for the stability of the Middle East, as it will curb the spread of terrorism in it.

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