U.S Secretary of State John Kerry, right, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, left, attend the opening speech of U.N Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, center, during peace talks in Montreux.
U.S Secretary of State John Kerry, right, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, left, attend the opening speech of U.N Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, center, during peace talks in Montreux.
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Syrian government and opposition met for the first time Wednesday at U.N. peace talks in Switzerland, along with delegates from international and regional powers. The following are excerpts from their speeches:

U.N Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon :

 "After nearly three painful years of conflict and suffering in Syria, today is a day of fragile but real hope. For the first time, the Syrian government and the Syria opposition, countries of the region and the wider international community, are convening to seek a political solution to the death, destruction and displacement that is the dire reality of life in Syria today".

"All Syrians, and all in the region affected by this crisis, are looking to you gathered here to end the unspeakable human suffering, to save Syria’s rich societal mosaic, and to embark on a meaningful political process to achieve a Syrian-led transition".

"Some towns and villages have become unlivable. Schools, hospitals, markets, homes and places of worship have been destroyed. Car bombs, suicide and mortar attacks have terrified the population in many parts of the country. Lawlessness and chaos are attracting criminals and foreign fighters from all over the world. Radical groups are imposing their own – destructive and dangerous – vision".

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem :

"Syria as an independent country will do whatever it takes to defend itself with ways it sees appropriate".

"If you are really worried about the humanitarian situation in Syria then take your hands off us. Stop pouring weapons into Syria and lift the sanctions and the siege on the Syrian people".

"We came here as representatives of the Syrian people and state, and everyone should know no one in this world has the right to withdraw the legitimacy of a president or government ... other than the Syrians".

"We are here today to take a fateful decision to combat terrorism and extremism and to start a political process ... But some of you continue to support terrorism in Syria ... Terrorism in the end will spread and burn everybody".

"Some countries have openly exported to us monsters in human form who have drunk the abhorrent Wahhabi ideology".

"In Syria the wombs of pregnant women are cut open, fetuses are killed. Women are raped, dead or alive, in despicable behavior that belongs only to those who spread this kind of thinking. In Syria men get slaughtered in front of their children in the name of the revolution. In Syria, someone ate the heart of a Syrian to achieve the aim, as he claims, to live a ‘free, happy, prosperous life".

Opposition  coalition President Ahmad al-Jarba :

 "Time is like a sword, but for the Syrians time is now blood".

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry :

"Today is a beginning. It’s a beginning of what will obviously be a tough and complicated negotiation; peace talks to end a war and to end a struggle like this always are tough".

"Frankly, this is a test for all of us who support the Syrian people and their effort to end the extraordinary suffering the world has witnessed".

"This has taken a lot longer than many of us wanted to bring everyone together. We have come here determined to implement the Geneva communiqué ... The Geneva communiqué can only be implemented through the concerted efforts of everyone in this room. Millions of people are relying on the international community’s ability to help find a solution that can save their lives and their country".

"There could also be no place for the thousands of violent extremists who spread their hateful ideology and worsen the suffering of the Syrian people".

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov :

 "Our main task is to achieve an end to the tragic conflict in Syria, which carries innumerable problems and suffering to the Syrian nation and is destroying this ancient land".

"We cannot allow for the wave of convulsions to take hold of neighboring countries".

"We expect all external players will be encouraging the Syrians to reach an agreement, will refrain – and prevent the sides – from attempts to prejudge the final agreements, and from other moves that could undermine the whole process".

"The threat of turning Syria into a hotbed for international terrorism has become the most serious problem".

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius :

"The objective is not to have a general discussion about Syria, not to try to gain time in some way or to make statements without proof or unfounded accusations".

"The objective is to find a political agreement for Syria, for this transitional authority with full executive powers".

British Foreign Secretary William Hague :

"This is your opportunity to put an end to the devastation of your country. Now is the time to choose to save a generation of Syrian children from violence and trauma; to end the sieges being laid to ancient towns and cities; to begin to repair the rich fabric of Syrian society; and to spare millions of Syrian refugees the prospect of years in exile, homelessness and deprivation".

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