Lavrov : Counterterrorism must top Geneva-2 priorities
Lavrov : Counterterrorism must top Geneva-2 priorities
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Russian Foreign Minister "Sergey Lavrov" stressed that counterterrorism must be the top priority of the international conference on Syria, Geneva-2, adding that what is significant in the crisis in Syria is the increasing of terrorism and extremism.

Lavrov said in a press conference held in Moscow today that "results of Geneva-2 should lead to unify the Syrian government's and opposition's efforts for eradicating al-Qaeda armed terrorist groups", stressing that Russia will spare no efforts for achieving a political solution to the crisis in Syria," the Russian Foreign Minister renewed his country's stance.

Lavrov said that the crisis in Syria has stripped all contradictions in the world, adding that the absence of Iran in Geneva-2 will not help unify the Islamic world in its war against terrorism.

"Withdrawing the invitation to Iran for participating in Geneva2 is wrong", Lavrov warned.

Lavrov pointed out that calls for changing the regime in Syria represent a misinterpretation of Geneva-1 Communique, noting that the opposition coalition has been formed abroad by immigrants who have their own interests, as the coalition is financed by foreign funders.

The Russian Foreign Minister stressed that the Syrians should determine their future on their own without foreign interference.

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