Syrian PM : European MPs should prevent their countries from supporting terrorists
Syrian PM : European MPs should prevent their countries from supporting terrorists
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Syrian Prime Minister "Wael al-Halqi" affirmed the need for European and western MPs to pressure their countries to stop supporting terrorists in Syria.

During a meeting on Sunday with a Bulgarian delegation headed by head of the Syrian-Bulgarian Parliamentary Friendship Association "Strahil Angelov" , al-Halqi said that parliamentarians, journalists and free-thinking people must confront the tide of terrorism and wahabism by informing the world about what is happening in Syria.

He said that Syria is fighting international terrorism on the world’s behalf, warning against the threat of border-crossing terrorism that is supported by the US and Saudi Arabia which is the source of wahabi thinking.

The Prime Minister asserted that the Syrians will decide upon Syria’s future via ballots, and that Syria will go to Geneva-2 conference carrying the Syrians’ hopes of being rid of terrorism.

Al-Halqi said that the government is working hard to expose and debunk the false allegations made by biased media outlets regarding what is happening in Syria, in addition to working towards national reconciliation among Syrians and making progress on the ground in combating terrorism.

He underlined the methodical destruction of hospitals, schools, universities, power stations, and places of worship carried out by terrorists who steal crops, petroleum and factory equipments and smuggle them to Turkey under the instructions of Erdogan’s government.

The Premier noted that Syria managed to protect its economy, stabilize the Syrian Pound exchange rate, provide aid to displaced families, and keep providing free services to citizens.

He also said that the government hopes to enhance coordination and economic and development relations with Bulgaria.

Angelov voiced support for epace in Syria and solidarity with the Syrian people, hoping that Geneva-2 will result in peace in Syria and put a stop to terrorism.

He asserted that the delegation members will relay what they witnessed in Syria to the Bulgarian people faithfully and expose the conspiracy targeting Syria.

Meeting the Bulgarian delegation, Social Affairs Minister "Kinda al-Shammat" stressed the need to coordinate between the two countries’ governments to alleviate the suffering of displaced Syrian families staying in Bulgaria.

Al-Shammat affirmed that the government is committed to delivering aid to everyone via specific plans in coordination with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and UN organizations, noting that the government is providing 80% of the aid delivered to affected and displaced families.

She pointed out that terrorist groups are preventing the delivery of aid to certain areas and use civilians as human shields, adding that the economic sanctions imposed on Syria have a negative effect on Syrians’ lives and hindered the procurement of equipment for people with special needs.

In turn, the delegation members voiced solidarity with the Syrian people, saying that the Syrian community in Bulgaria will work to send humanitarian aid to affected families.

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