27th International Islamic Unity Conference kicks off in Tehran
27th International Islamic Unity Conference kicks off in Tehran

The 27th International Islamic Unity Conference has started in Tehran, with the participation of Syria's delegation headed by the Grand Mufti Ahmad Bader Eddin Hassoun and in the presence of Syria's Ambassador to Tehran "Dr. Adnan Mahmoud".

Iranian President "Hassan Rohani" said the enemies of Islam are trying to create division and conflict and deepen them among the sons of the Islamic nation.

In his opening speech, Rohani stressed that cooperation between Iran and Russia has kept the region away from the specter of war.

The 3-day conference focuses on the holy Quran and its role in consolidation of solidarity among Islamic, the Palestinian cause and the issue of Takfir (excommunication), desecration of religious sanctities besides the current situation of the Islamic society from the Qur'an perspective.

Religious thinkers and prominent scholars from 50 countries across the world participate in the conference.

Representatives from Malaysia, Russia, Greece, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Algeria, Britain, US, Australia, Uganda, Netherlands, Qatar, Yemen and Egypt will be among participants in the conference.

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