U.S, U.K  welcome opposition coalition decision to attend "Geneva-2"
U.S, U.K welcome opposition coalition decision to attend "Geneva-2"
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U.S Secretary of State "John Kerry" on Saturday praised a decision by Syria's opposition leaders to attend an international conference .

"This is a courageous vote in the interests of all the Syrian people " Kerry said in a statement, calling the opposition decision to attend the Geneva-2 meeting "a path that will ultimately lead to a better future for all Syrians".

British Foreign Secretary "William Hague"  also welcomed the "difficult decision" by Syria's deeply divided opposition to join an international peace conference next week.

Hague said in a statement "I welcome the decision by the National Coalition to participate in the Geneva-2  talks", stressing that "all who share their vision of a democratic and pluralist Syria need to join together in support".

"The U.N Secretary General has made clear that the aim of the talks is to agree a political transition and an end to the conflict", the foreign secretary said.

The opposition coalition voted at a meeting in Istanbul on Friday in favour of attending the talks, which begin on Wednesday.

Media reports suggested the United States and Britain had threatened to withdraw support from the opposition if it failed to send a delegation.

Damascus has already said it will attend.

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