Speaker of Syrian parliament stresses need for international will against terrorism
Speaker of Syrian parliament stresses need for international will against terrorism
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Speaker of Syrian people's Assembly "Mohammad Jihad al- Laham" stressed the need for an international will to combat terrorism and unmask its funders and supporters, especially Saudi Arabia.

During a meeting with a Bulgarian delegation head by MP "Strahil Angelov", Head of the Syrian-Bulgarian Parliamentary Friendship Association in Damascus on Saturday, Speaker al- Laham said that the terrorism hitting Syria for three years now is being funded by Saudi Arabia, which is the factory of terrorism in the whole world.

He said that terrorism will affect all countries if not confronted regionally and internationally, calling for implementing the UN resolution No 1373 on combating terrorism and stopping violence and sending weapons.

Al-Laham stressed that Syria will remain firm thanks to its army and people, condemning the sanctions which were imposed on the Syrian people outside the framework of the U.N Security Council.

He said that the western countries, which allege they are fighting terrorism, are supporting terrorists in Syria and neglecting the role of Saudi Arabia in funding and training them.

Angelov highlighted the need to enhance the bilateral relations and conveying the reality of the events in Syria to the Bulgarian public opinion.

In Turn, Zakhari Zakhariyev, member of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, professor, and chairman of the "Slavs" Foundation said that he will use the data he obtained to convey the reality of the events and support making a clear stance on the crisis in Syria.

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