Syrian National Gathering demands Geneva-2 to ends bloodshed in Syria
Syrian National Gathering demands Geneva-2 to ends bloodshed in Syria
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With the participation of  different national and civil parties and figures, Syrian National Gathering kicked off on Saturday under the title "the Syrian People say the final word in Geneva-2".

Head of the Central Committee for Popular Reconciliations " Jaber Mahmoud Issa"  reviewed the committee's vision of the gathering which included easing the difficulties which are created by the U.S. and some western and regional countries and their agents inside which are meant to prevent convening the Geneva-2 conference and even foiling it in case it was held.

He called for punishing the corrupt workers in the state whatever their position is and holding them accountable publically.

Representative of the Endowments Ministry "Sheikh Ahmad al-Jazaeri"  pointed out that Geneva-2 conference can't "impose on Syria and its people anything that undermines its will and unity".

He added that the goal of Geneva-2 should be focused on ending bloodshed in Syria and restoring security and peace to Syria.

Bishop Luke Khoury, Assistant to the Patriarch of Roman Orthodox Church, called on the participants in Geneva-2 to work for getting rid of terrorism in Syria and uniting the views of the Syrians in the conference, in addition to discarding everyone not working for Syria, reiterating that the opposition outside Syria doesn't  represent the Syrian people and their aspirations.

Mufti of Deir Ezzor "Sheikh Abdul-Qader al-Rawi" stressed that loving the homeland is a religious duty that requires exerting all efforts to protect it from the enemies.

Chairman of the Syrian Journalists Federation " Ilyas Murad"  said the victories achieved by the Syrian Army on the ground should be accompanied by the victories of the Syrian diplomacy which is taking part in the Geneva-2 conference and preventing the endeavor of some sides which are involved in the war on Syria from imposing conditions and winning points that they could not win on the ground.

Several Syrian parties and figures and civil organizations took part in the gathering.

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