Larijani : Iran is making sacrifices for Hezbollah
Larijani : Iran is making sacrifices for Hezbollah

Iran is making sacrifices for Hezbollah and will support the Lebanese group in the event it is attacked, Tehran’s Parliament Speaker "Ali Larijani" said today.

"The Islamic Republic is sacrificing itself for Hezbollah", Fars News Agency quoted Larijani as saying during a ceremony in Tehran.

Larijani confirmed that "if Hezbollah is attacked, Iran will be its backbone because Hezbollah is the pride of the Islamic world and it broke Israel's back".

Larijani also hit back at the U.S after Washington criticized Iranian Foreign Minister "Mohammad Javad Zarif" for placing a wreath on the grave of slain Hezbollah commander "Imad Mughniyeh" during a recent visit to Lebanon.

"They said Zarif shouldn't have visited the graveyard of a commander in a terrorist organization, but on the other hand we saw American officials at the funeral of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, the butcher of Sabra and Shatila [Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut]", he said.

He also said that the entire Muslim world respected Mughniyeh and saw him as a symbol of courage, stressing "if Western officials badmouth Hezbollah and the resistance, they will surely be met with slaps".

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