15-year-old French travels to Syria for jihad
15-year-old French travels to Syria for jihad
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Two French 15-year-olds have left France to join Islamist militants in the fight against Syrian Army, one of their fathers and the Toulouse prosecutor said today.

Prosecutor "Michel Valet" told Reuters "I've informed the Paris anti-terrorist prosecutor because the two boys made their intention clear that they would travel to Syria via Turkey".

French officials say they are increasingly worried about their own nationals travelling abroad to fight in Syria's crisis and one day returning to plot attacks at home.

The father of Hakim, one of the two boys from the southwestern city of Toulouse, told BFM TV his son had left a note on Jan. 6. explaining he was going to join the Jihad, or Holy War.

He said Hakim left cash behind to cover the cost of a plane ticket to Turkey which he bought with his father's credit card.

According to the father, who did not give his name, the boy called the family three days ago to say he was in danger in Syria and that he would not call again for a month. He added that if he did not call by then the family should assume he was dead and they would next meet in paradise.

"He has been brainwashed on the Internet", the father said.

As the Syrian crisis enters its third year, more and more Europeans are joining the rebellion, according to the European Union, which in May recommended better tracking of social media to spot foreign fighters.

Drench President "Francois Hollande" said that about 700 French nationals and residents had travelled to fight in Syria.

Three people were arrested in June as part of a group suspected of sending Islamist fighters to Syria.

Two brothers from Toulouse were killed recently in Syria, one in a suicide bombing, after appearing on a video urging Hollande to convert and Muslims to join the war.

Prosecutor Valet said that "since the Merah case, we've had several of cases of young people travelling to Syria although it is not exclusive to Toulouse".

Speaking to reporters on Friday Interior Minister "Manuel Valls" said 20 French jihadists had died in Syria.

He said "It shows the magnitude of the phenomenon in France and Europe".

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