Germany worries of fighting extremists who go to Syria
Germany worries of fighting extremists who go to Syria
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German Interior Minister "Thomas De Maiziere" said that the number of extremists who travel to Syria is exceptionally big to a degree that it became a source of concern.

De Maiziere said in a statement  that "It is known that nearly 240 extremists left Germany and went to Syria during the last year... we fear they would return with combatant experience and international communication to carry out attacks in Germany".

He added that the problem with the extremists who grow up in Germany and go to Syria is not a matter of concern for Germany only, but it relates to France and other European countries too.

According to a report by the Belgian intelligence, a French weekly bulletin lately affirmed that between 4-5 thousands of different European nationalities are fighting along the jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq.

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