Suicide car bomb kills 4 in Lebanon's Hermel
Suicide car bomb kills 4 in Lebanon's Hermel

A suspected suicide car bombing killed at least four people and wounded 42 others in a bustling neighborhood in the northeastern town of Hermel today.

The blast occurred during the morning rush hour near the town’s government building as people made their way to work in the residential and commercial neighborhood of Hermel, a town near the northern border with Syria .

Caretaker Interior Minister "Marwan Charbel"  told reporters that evidence pointed strongly that the deadly attack in the commercial Square of Sabreh Hamadeh was carried out by a suicide bomber , adding that four people among the wounded were in critical condition.

The security source said the remains of a man were pulled out from the car used in the 9 a.m. explosion, suggesting the attack was likely the work of a suicide bomber.

Hermel has been the target of rocket attacks which were claimed by Syrian opposition groups.

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