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"Geneva -2" .. " Montreux-1"
"Geneva -2" .. " Montreux-1"
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There are seven days up to the international conference on Syria, " Geneva -2 " to be held in the city of" Montreux " , Switzerland, and the United Nations Invitations were sent to the three regional organizations and thirty countries , but the foundation is the"experts"  sessions away from the spotlight , and negotiations between  world powers is in the depth of about " Syria's foreign policy , defense and security and identity system and its relations, wile other details is a comedy for some opponents and States ," according to al-Myadden news channel.

Thirty state , including the five permanent members of the Security Council and the Gulf states except Bahrain and the neighboring countries of Syria , Egypt, Morocco , Algeria and other countries, European and non-European , and international and regional organizations , but Iran which attendence is rejected by  regional countries and the West , certainly all of these " chefs " are not invited to resolve Syria's internal crisis! .

Opposition " National coordinating body " did not provide space in the media since " Geneva -1 ," but declared through it agreed to attend " Geneva -2 " and its support to go toward a political solution "to stop the bloodshed in Syria ," . Today  it retreated and announced its refusal to attend the conference until " clarifying the circumstances ", the call came under the umbrella of the " coalition " which Haytham Manna  regarded as " an insult by the organizers of the conference ",  revealing that Saud al-Faisal asked the coalition during  Paris meeting that " there is no person in the delegation could be out of tune or out of Language accepted by Saudi Arabia. "

Opposition coalition is also divided against itself , especially after the vote on his presidency , that kept Suadi- backed Ahmad Jarba as president while Qatar-Backed " Riad Hijab " lost , causing many members to resign , and the decision of the coalition to attend Geneva-2 is still volatile , once he would attend , and a second that he would not attend , and a third still up to make it sfinall decision after its members' meeting  on Friday, while the opposition " national Council " asked the " coalition " to invite the international community to postpone the Geneva conference for six months and threatened to withdraw from it if he agreed to go to " Geneva-2 " .

The meeting of " Friends of Syria " last repeats of " roller " which concluded its previous meetings , taking conditions and the results of prior should be the ultimate " Geneva 2 " , based on the restrictive interpretations of the statement, " Geneva 1 " note that one of the paragraphs of the statement says , " The conflict in Syria ends only when all parties reassure the existence of a peaceful way towards a common future for all Syrians , and therefore it is necessary  that any settlement provides  clear steps not subject to cancellation in the transition process , according to a specific time frame , "and the third paragraph of the statement stressed that " the Syrian people that will determine the future of the country ", which is precisely what was confirmed by the foreign ministers of the United States and Russia in the first press conference  held in Paris yesterday.

Garrison conferences and successive statements from regional and international  powers aren't  hotter than the bloody clashes between Islamist groups and non-Islamic militant on the one hand and Daash militants on  the other hand , especially in northern Syria . Acoording the private information of " opinion today" electronic s newspaper , Saudi-Qatari agreement reached to  support al-Nusra and  eliminate " Daash " , and adopt al-Nusra as a moderate Islamic movement . This agreement was reflected  on the media coverage of  these two countries , especially on Jazeera and Al Arabiya stations , while leaked statements from the leaders of armed groups in Syria affirms its conviction that the liquidation of " Daash " is an Introduction to confront al-Nusra.

The attempt to disrupt convening  the conference and demanding  a period of six months , and the new move of the opposition about forming a " national army " in which " Islamic Front " is one of its ranks , indicates that the stance of hardline states towards the Syrian file such as Saudi Arabia didn't give up the " military solution " , despite the distribution of invitations and the U.S. Russian warning to hold Geneva  with who attended , and the threaten to stop supporting the US-British coalition unless it attends , all of these datas indicate that the conference will not be the last one, and there will be a new numbering of subsequent conferences  , in which the loser will be..  the Syrians .

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