Belgian FM: Over 20 Belgian jihadists killed in Syria
Belgian FM: Over 20 Belgian jihadists killed in Syria
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Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs "Didier Reynders" said that over 20 of around 200 Belgian jihadists who went to fight in Syria were killed there.

Reynders told La Libre newspaper that the identities of over 200 Belgians people, who are fighting with the most extremist groups in Syria including the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant  (ISIL), have been established or being established, and that over 20 of these people have been killed in Syria.

He said that the most pressing concern is keeping track of these individuals to assess the threat they pose after they return to Belgium or go to other countries, noting that these individuals aren't just extremist in their mentality, but they would return possessing experience and knowledge that would allow them to do anything.

Reynders cited the case of two young women, ages 17 and 19, who went to Syria and were involved in relations with members of very extremist armed groups, but they disappeared and may have been abducted by a rival extremist group.

News reports have been revealing that European countries are growing concerned over the potential ramifications of supporting terrorism in Syria, as they are worried about what terrorists from these countries who went to Syria could do should they return to Europe.

While this phenomenon was noted in several European countries including France, the Belgian authorities were among the first to openly express concern over it,

Belgian media continues to report the death of Belgian terrorists in Syria, while others are arrested upon their return to Belgium.

Recent reports suggest that 4 to 5 thousand Europeans are fighting alongside jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq.


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