Palestinian Labor Minister  : Armed groups shot UNRWA relief convoy
Palestinian Labor Minister : Armed groups shot UNRWA relief convoy
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Palestinian Minister of Labor  "Ahmad Majdalani" said "the terrorist groups today have prevented the entry of a relief convoy bound for al-Yarmouk refugee camp as the Syrian government offered all necessary facilitations to the convoy".

The minister said in a televised interview that "the armed groups have opened fire at the convoy that was carrying medical and food assistance to the camp at the main gathering point on the outskirts of the camp".

Majdalani pointed to numerous political attempts to entangle the Palestinians in the crisis in Syria, adding "what happened today has aborted all efforts to deliver aid", adding "the armed groups have shirked their commitments and shown nonchalance about the blood of Palestinians".

Palestinian Popular Committee in al-Yarmouk refugee camp said "the armed terrorist groups on Monday have opened fire at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) humanitarian aid convoy that was bound for the Camp".

The Committee said in a statement Monday that "terrorists inside the Camp insist on starving the locals in al-Yarmouk Camp and using their suffering as a political tool.

The shooting aborted yet another attempt to ease the suffering of the locals in al-Yarmouk camp, the statement added. It called for ending the tragedy of the Palestinian people amid a" twisting of facts and false accusations leveled at the Syrian state".

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