Syrian Army advances on Aleppo area , ISIL and opposition militants combat
Syrian Army advances on Aleppo area , ISIL and opposition militants combat
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Syrian Army seized a opposition militant-held town north of Aleppo and advanced towards the industrial area of Aleppo city Saturday and were advancing on part of Aleppo city .

On Saturday ISIL militants fought pitched battles with other militants in the northwestern town of Saraqeb and seized the frontier town of Tal Abyad on the border with Turkey after Islamist militants pulled out.

Opposition Observatory said Islamist rebels launched an offensive to push ISIL out of Saraqeb, the jihadists' last bastion in the western province of Idlib.

The Observatory said that during the day a car bomb exploded in Saraqeb near an Islamist militant checkpoint, adding that ISIL militants also battled Islamist rebels in the northern city of Raqa, where they captured a train station and a checkpoint run by other militant.

Meanwhile muezzins in Jazra, a town west of Raqa, urged residents to identify the bodies of dozens of Islamist fighters who had been abandoned on the battlefield.

ISIL had previously warned opposition militants that should they continue to fight them, they would withdraw from the frontlines in Aleppo, Syria's second city, thus allowing Syrian Army to deploy.

The Observatory also reported that "an ill-reputed opposition militant group raided an ISIL commander's home in Aleppo city... and kidnapped his mother and his sister, and raped his mother".

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