Sit-in outside U.N HQ condemning terrorists’ atrocities in Adra
Sit-in outside U.N HQ condemning terrorists’ atrocities in Adra
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Scores of young men and women staged a sit-in on Thursday in front of the United Nations headquarters in Damascus in denunciation of the takfiri terrorists’ crimes in the residential worker city of Adra in Damascus Countryside.

The participants held "the oil sheikhdoms, Turkey and other terrorism-supporting countries" accountable for the massacres which the terrorist groups perpetrated against the civilians in Adra, a city home to housing compounds for private and state workers.

Militants groups affiliated to al-Nusra Front last month infiltrated the residential city of Adra in and committed a massacre against the residents. They attacked the unarmed civilian citizens in their homes.

The participants decried the silence of the U.N and other international organizations towards the crimes of murder, slaughter and infrastructure sabotage which the armed terrorist groups commit against the Syrians.

They called upon the international organizations to pressure the countries which have been backing the terrorists in Syria so as to stop smuggling of weapons and takfiris into the country.

The participants handed the U.N Resident Representative in Syria "Yaqoub al-Hill"o a statement in the name of the mothers in Syria in which they highlighted the unprecedented brutality and atrocities committed in Adra, calling for conveying their outcry of condemnation of the shameful silence of the U.N agencies and all international humanitarian organizations towards these horrific violations.

They stressed in the statement that the continued holding and detention of numbers of Adra residents by the terrorist groups contravenes all international human rights laws, calling for an urgent stance to condemn these crimes and address their humanitarian results.

Jansette Kazan, chairwoman of a women group participating in the sit-in, denounced the international silence on what is going on in Adra, calling the humanitarian organizations to visit the city and help release its residents.


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