Majid claimed died of natural causes
Majid claimed died of natural causes

Lebanese Acting State Prosecutor "Samir Hammoud" said Thursday the forensic report revealed that Majid al-Majid, the leader of an al-Qaeda-affiliated group, died of natural causes, paving the way for his repatriation to Saudi Arabia.

Hammoud told The National News Agency that "the report was detailed and extensive and affirmed that the cause of death was disease and complications", adding "the body will be handed over to Majid's relatives as soon as the legal measures are finalized, particularly that we received via diplomatic channels a request by his brother for repatriation".   

A six-member committee comprising doctors and coroners examined Majid's medical records at Hamid Hospital in the Bekaa Valley and Beirut’s Al-Maqassed Hospital as well as a military health care institution in the capital.

Hammoud said he will receive the report officially on Friday.

Caretaker Justice Minister "Shakib Qortbawi" has said Majid died due to kidney failure, lung problems and a virus infection.

He suffered from critical health conditions when the Lebanese Army arrested him last month, and was transferred to the Beirut Military Hospital, where he died over the weekend. He had been a patient at the two other hospitals prior to his arrest.

Wanted by the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, Majid was the head of the Abdallah Azzam Brigades, an al-Qaeda offshoot, which claimed responsibility for last year’s twin suicide bombing outside the Iranian Embassy. The November deadly attack killed 30 people including an Iranian diplomat.

Majid passed away before investigators had the chance to interrogate him, a security source told reporters last week.

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