Syrian diplomat says insurgents target chemical depots
Syrian diplomat says insurgents target chemical depots
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A Western diplomat said Syria's representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said insurgents have twice launched unsuccessful attacks on Syrian depots where chemicals used in poison gas and nerve agents are being stored.

The diplomat said Thursday that Syria's ambassador to the OPCW reported the alleged attempted attacks Wednesday at a closed meeting of the group's executive council. The diplomat, who was at the meeting, spoke on condition of anonymity because it was closed to the media.

The Syrian representative who spoke was not available to comment and the OPCW itself declined comment because the remarks were made at a private meeting. The New York Times first reported the Syrian comments.

According to the diplomat who spoke to The Associated Press, Syria said that the insurgent attacks on storage sites near the city of Homs and in a Damascus suburb were repelled.

The reported attacks underscore the risks involved in international efforts to dismantle Syrian chemical weapons program.

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