Straw calls for Iran’s participation in "Geneva-2"
Straw calls for Iran’s participation in "Geneva-2"
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Former British Foreign Secretary and a present member of the U.K Parliament "Jack Straw" has called for Iran’s participation in the upcoming international talks on the crisis in Syria.

Straw said at a press conference in Tehran  "we believe very strongly that a solution to the terrible situation in Syria is only possible with the full involvement of the Islamic Republic of Iran", adding  "we believe that the Islamic Republic should be invited to the Geneva II talks as a full participant without condition".

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad "Javad Zarif" has said that Iran is ready to help end the Syrian crisis, but it would not accept any preconditions for attending the Geneva-2 conference.

Zarif said in his meeting with Straw that "Iran won't accept any preconditions for attending Geneva-2 conference, but if invited to the meeting, it will play an active role in it".

In a statement on Monday, U.N Secretary General "Ban Ki-moon" also said he favors Iran’s participation in the international conference. However, that the final decision on the participation of the Islamic Republic in the Geneva-2 meeting will be made in a January 13 meeting between Russian Foreign Minister "Sergei Lavrov" and U.S Secretary of State "John Kerry".

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