Tunisian assembly appoints election commission
Tunisian assembly appoints election commission

Tunisian Constitutional Assembly has appointed a new commission to oversee elections in 2014, paving the way for the resignation of the current Islamist prime minister.

The assembly finished voting on the nine members of the High Electoral Commission just before midnight Wednesday. Its members include judges, legal experts, as well as finance and IT experts.

Prime Minister "Ali Larayedh" of the Islamist al-Nahda Party said this week he would step down in favor of caretaker prime minister "Mehdi Jomaa" once the commission had been chosen.

Tunisia's political transition has been deadlocked for months following the assassination of an opposition politician.

The process restarted once the government agreed to resign in favor of a cabinet of technocrats.

The assembly is in the final stages of approving a new constitution.


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