Syria urged to speed up chemical removal
Syria urged to speed up chemical removal
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The world’s chemical weapons watchdog, which is overseeing the destruction of Syrian chemical arsenal, called on the Syrian government to pick up momentum in handing over the remaining chemicals.

The deadline to transport the most toxic substances out of the country by Dec. 31 was postponed , loading a first batch of chemicals onto a Danish cargo vessel Tuesday, a week late.

The Syrian government has until the end of March to hand over the first priority chemicals, including around 20 tons of lethal mustard gas, and to the end of June to completely eliminate its chemical weapons program.

Spokesman for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons "Michael Luhan" said "we are exhorting the Syrian government to intensify its efforts, so we can conclude the critical part of this mission absolutely as fast as the conditions allow", stressing "we are happy to see there is finally movement. We hope to see that that movement continues regularly now through the next few weeks, so we can get these chemicals out of the country as quickly as possible".

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