Hamas frees Fatah prisoners to mend Palestinian relations
Hamas frees Fatah prisoners to mend Palestinian relations

Gaza's Hamas government freed seven imprisoned Fatah members today , as part of efforts to mend relations between the Islamist movement and its West Bank-based Palestinian rival.

Hamas interior ministry spokesman "Islam Shahwan" told reporters that "the release of these condemned men comes as part of the prime minister's decisions to strengthen national reconciliation" .

The releases came two days after Hamas prime minister "Ismail Haniya" reached out to Fatah, saying that those of its members who had fled Gaza when the Islamists seized the territory in 2007 would be allowed to return, except for those accused of killing Hamas members.

Longtime tensions between Hamas and Fatah boiled over in a week of fighting in 2007 that left the Islamist movement in control of Gaza and effectively divided the Palestinian territories in two.

The two sides have made repeated attempts to heal the rift, including an Egyptian-brokered deal in 2011 in which they agreed to make way for an interim government of independents to organize fresh elections throughout the territories. The agreement has never been implemented.

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