Al-Zoubi : Syria keen to make success of "Geneva-2"
Al-Zoubi : Syria keen to make success of "Geneva-2"
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Syrian Information Minister "Omran al-Zoubi" affirmed today that Syria is keen to make success of the upcoming international conference in Geneva intended to solve the crisis in the country in a way that achieves the aspirations of the Syrian people.

Al-Zoubi told the reporters in a press conference that all armed groups operating in Syria are terrorist groups regardless of their names, stressing that all the attempts to show these groups as "moderate" do not work with the Syrian people.

He noted that those who carried out terrorist bombings in Russia are the same people, with their exact political and financial identity, who are carrying out criminal acts in Syria and Iraq, stressing that it is Syria, Iraq and Russia’s right to defend their national security.

He added that the state which carries out terrorism in the whole world is known and must be held accountable and pay the price.

Al-Zoubi described the crime committed by the armed terrorist groups in Adra city in Damascus Countryside as a genocide that targeted all spectrum of the Syrian people.

The Minister said the Syrian delegation is going to Geneva-2 conference to reach outcomes that serve the Syrian state and people, stressing that "we won’t allow any U.S, Saudi or Turkish agenda to pass in the conference".

He made it clear that "we quite understand that in Syria’s future there will be an expanded government”, asserting however that there won’t be a transitional governing body like what happened in Iraq upon the US’s invasion.

Al-Zoubi affirmed that any agreement reached at Geneva will be put to referendum by the Syrian people and if not approved, it will be worthless and meaningless and cannot be implemented.

Al-Zoubi stressed that the Turkish government must completely close its borders in the face of the terrorists and must expel them from its land and stop all logistic and financial support to them, calling also upon the Jordanian government to control its borders against the infiltrating terrorists and not yield to external pressures, especially by Saudi Arabia.

He added that those who think they could make a change on the ground by sending more terrorists and weapons into Syria are deluded.


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