Lebanon's Mansour downplays $3 billion Saudi grant to  his country
Lebanon's Mansour downplays $3 billion Saudi grant to his country

Lebanese Caretaker Foreign Minister "Adnan Mansour" downplayed a $3 billion Saudi Arabia pledge to buy weapons from France to help support the Lebanese Army, saying the grant was insufficient to improve the military’s defense capabilities.

“The donation is not enough to bolster Lebanon's defense system”, Mansour complained, noting the Israeli Army’s $17 billion annual budget.

Mansour stressed that "the Lebanese Army is currently not able to be strong without the Hezbollah at its side", noting that  "the weapons of the resistance can only be withdrawn when a defense strategy for Lebanon is agreed upon by all rivals".

Mansour also described as a “blow to justice” the death of Majid al-Majid, who was the head of an Al-Qaeda-affiliated group that claimed responsibility for the recent attack against Iran’s Embassy in Beirut.

Majid died Saturday at Lebanon's military hospital in the Beirut neighborhood of Badaro. He headed the Abdallah Azzam Brigades, the group which claimed responsibility for the double suicide bombing outside the Iranian Embassy in Beirut on Nov. 19


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