Lebanon's Berri says March 8 back early presidential election
Lebanon's Berri says March 8 back early presidential election

Lebanese parliament president  "Nabih Berri" said in remarks published by al-Safir newspaper that the March 8 coalition would be willing to bring forward the presidential election in a bid to alley any concerns the March 14 alliance might have over the formation of the future government

Berri said "in order to assure March 14 groups that our intentions are good, we do not mind holding the presidential election from now", adding "Subsequently, there will no problem over the formation of a new government".

Berri was responding to the March 14 coalition, which has accused the Hezbollah-led March 8 camp of seeking a vacuum in the government and the post of the presidency.

President Michel Sleiman’s six-year-term ends on May 25. Lebanon enters a two-month constitutional period on March 25 to prepare for the election of the next head of state.

The March 14 favors a neutral, non-partisan government while the March 8 alliance has called for the formation of national unity government. Berri, Hezbollah and its March 8 allies have warned against the formation of a neutral, nonpartisan Cabinet, which they refer to as fait accompli government.

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