WHO : Syria's strategy to eradicate polio correct
WHO : Syria's strategy to eradicate polio correct
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Syrian Health Minister "Saad al-Nayef" discussed with Chris Maher, who is coordinating the regional polio response for the World Health Organization (WHO), the response of the ministry to prevent polio and the situation of the national vaccinations campaigns against polio.

Al-Nayef stressed that the ministry has been committed to take speedy and effective steps to prevent the spread of polio, particularly in Deir Ezzor as it announced six vaccination campaigns; each of them is five days long and one month time after every campaign.

The Minister added that the previous campaign vaccinated over 2,177 million children.

For his part, Maher stressed that the strategy of Syrian Health Ministry to eradicate polio is the correct strategy and it comes within the highest level of international response.

The Health Ministry has announced a plan to launch six vaccination campaigns; the first one was launched last month after discovering 17 polio cases, 15 of them in Deir Ezzor, and one in Douma and one in Aleppo.


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