Car bomb in Beirut's southern suburbs kills four, wounds 77
Car bomb in Beirut's southern suburbs kills four, wounds 77

Four people were killed and 77 others were wounded today in a car bomb that struck Haret Hreik, a Hezbollah's neighborhood of Beirut's southern suburbs .

The Army said the explosives-rigged vehicle was a 1993, dark green Grand Cherokee Jeep that had been parked on Al-Arid Street. It said 20 kilograms of explosives had been distributed throughout the vehicle.

Lebanon’s caretaker Interior Minister "Marwan Charbel" said human remains inside the vehicle used in the explosion suggested a suicide bomber may have been involved.

The 4.10 p.m. blast, which the Army said resulted from 20 kilograms of explosives material, caused plumes of black smoke to blanket the sky as ambulances rushed to the area. Hundreds of residents flocked to the area to help in the rescue effort, pulling

The car bombing in Haret Hreik, a densely populated neighborhood of the southern suburb, is the latest security incident to hit increasingly volatile Lebanon.

Hezbollah MP "Hasan Fadlallah" said the blast occurred meters away from the party's political council, saying "the target of the attack was Lebanon, its security, stability and national unity".

Caretaker Prime Minister "Najib Mikati" said terrorism had once against struck the southern suburbs of the capital with the aim of destabilizing the country.


Lebanese parliament President "Nabih Berri" said the car bombing in Haret Hreik was part of the "series of conspiracies targeting Lebanon and its national unity”.

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