Somali Islamists claim Mogadishu hotel bombing
Somali Islamists claim Mogadishu hotel bombing

Islamist militants in Somalia said today that they carried out the triple bombing on a Mogadishu hotel that killed at least 11 people.

Al Shabaab, who are battling African peacekeepers for control of territory in southern and central Somalia, said its bombers had targetted intelligence officials who were meeting at the Jazira hotel at the time.

Al Shabaab said it had killed more than a dozen people in Wednesday's attack. A private ambulance service director said his medics had recovered at least 11 bodies.

The assault on the Jazira hotel, one of the securest places in the coastal capital, underscored worries in neighbouring countries and beyond that Somalia could slip back into anarchy if recent military gains against rebels are not consolidated.

An attack on a Kenyan shopping mall in September in which dozens of people were kileld highlighted the militants' ability to strike beyond Somalia's borders.

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