Hezbollah MP: March 14 serving Israel’s interests
Hezbollah MP: March 14 serving Israel’s interests

Hezbollah MP Hussein Musawi accused the March 14 coalition of serving Israel’s interests when it vowed to liberate Lebanon from Hezbollah’s arsenal.

“It was national weapons that liberated and restored sovereignty after Israeli occupation”, Musawi said, according to a statement from Hezbollah responding to “those fishing in troubled waters.”

“He said those who declare war to liberate the country from these patriotic [Hezbollah] weapons put themselves and their political team in broad daylight in the service of the enemy occupation ” .

Musawi, according to the statement, also said his party would continue to protect the border against Israeli attacks.

“Regarding remarks by some politicians concerning the Lebanese Army, the Army and all the people know and feel our commitment and our determination to support it in order to be capable of protecting Lebanon’s borders and sovereignty, together the Army with the resistance community ” he said.

On Sunday, Former Prime Minister "Fouad Siniora" vowed that the March 14 coalition would liberate Lebanon from Hezbollah’s “illegitimate arms.”

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